The Impact of the Right Office Cleaning Service and its Benefits

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As I sat down to compose the final email of the week, relief washed over me like a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day. Glancing around my office, a sense of contentment should have settled in. Yet, as my eyes roamed the room, a different emotion stirred within me—a mixture of dismay and resignation.

Our office, though moderate in size, was the hub of between ten to twenty employees. Each desk, a haven for creativity and productivity, now seemed to harbour a different story altogether. Cups and plates, carelessly strewn across my co-worker’s desk, painted a picture of the chaos that had unfolded throughout the week. As my gaze lingered, I couldn’t help but notice the carpet beneath, adorned with stains of various origins. Is this what I have to come back to next week?

Even the ceiling above, a forgotten canvas in the grand scheme of things, bore the weight of neglect, its once pristine surface now obscured by shadows of dirt, water stains and neglect.

And then, as if guided by an unseen force, my eyes fell upon my desk—a sanctuary amidst the chaos, or so I had thought. Yet, upon closer inspection, it too revealed its imperfections. Tea stains, like ancient hieroglyphs etched into the surface, told the tale of countless mornings fueled by caffeine and determination.

As I sat there, enveloped in the imperfections of our office, a sense of unease washed over me. How had we let things come to this? How had we allowed the clutter and chaos to overshadow the beauty of our workspace? And more importantly, what could we do to reclaim it?

With a newfound determination, I set aside the email and picked up the phone. It was time to make a change—to breathe new life into our office, to restore its beauty and vitality. It was time to call… an office cleaning service.

This article will give you some insight when you choose to hire a cleaning service, from how long it would take, the costs associated and the benefits of efficient office cleaning.

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The Importance of Regular Office Cleaning and How long it takes

To avoid a scenario like the one described above, regularly cleaning your office is a necessity. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining a clean workplace environment:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Morale: A well-organised and clean work environment has a significant effect on productivity, as well as on the employees’ morale. This leads to a higher quality of performance and greater employee satisfaction.
  • Professionalism and Brand Image: A clean working environment not only shows professionalism but also helps one brand credibility, enabling one to remain ahead of the competition and thereby leave a positive impression on visitors and clients.
  • Staff Satisfaction and Efficiency: A clean office contributes to the formation of a positive office culture, it lifts the moods of the staff members and improves their productivity.

Moreover, the plethora of benefits which come from a clean workspace requires a grand amount of effort and time, from removing pet hair (if your office is pet-friendly) to sanitising the working area, if you decide to clean the office yourself. Life is hectic enough as it is without having to worry about cleaning your office or your home all the time. Between working longer hours and trying to balance home life with a multitude of other familial commitments, trying to find time to keep your property clean and tidy is becoming increasingly difficult.  

We recommend that you use a cleaning service company which specialises in commercial cleaning. These services usually take an hour for a 3000 to 4000 square foot office for general cleaning. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, will take longer due to the nature of this cleaning process, usually taking an hour to deep clean 2000-2500 square feet. 

It should be noted that this is a rough estimate, as there are a multitude of factors which can lengthen or shorten the cleaning time. 

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Enlisting Professional Cleaning Services

Just in Melbourne alone, there are hundreds of cleaning services, all boasting great turnaround times and attention to detail. Here are a few key considerations to help you enlist the perfect professional cleaning service in Melbourne:

  • Reputation and Experience: Search for cleaning companies that have an excellent and timeless reputation related to providing cleaning services. Consumer reviews and testimonials from former clients will offer a lot of useful information regarding the service level and reputation of the company.
  • Range of Services Offered: Determine what cleaning services each company offers so you can see if they all suit your requirements. Be it regular office cleaning, carpet cleaning, or something specific like commercial cleaning, opt for a service provider that provides the complete range of solutions to your specific demand.
  • Quality of Service: Companies advertising quick turnarounds and meticulous detail should be verified to provide you with good quality. Ask for references or inquire about their working processes and standards of cleanliness to be sure of consistent, top-notch results.
  • Certification and Compliance: Verify that the cleaning service has the appropriate certifications that meet the standards and regulations of the industry. Certificates like ISO accreditation and membership in professional cleaning associations are the best ways to prove that you are following well-defined cleaning standards and principles of excellence.

One recommendation we can make, based on our experience and their impressive track record is Enjoy Life Office Cleaners. The folks at Enjoy Life Services are based in Sydney, Melbourne, and provide services to areas such as Sydney CBD, Inner West, North Shore, Northern Suburbs, Ryde Area, Eastern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Western Suburbs and Parramatta. If you are based in any of these locations and need a reliable office cleaning force, your search has ended.


Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best professional cleaning company in Melbourne, the decision may be a daunting one. Nevertheless, if you evaluate factors like integrity, the range of services offered, quality, certifications, customization, and environment friendliness, you will be in a position to make a proper choice. Their stellar reputation, quick turnaround times, and thoughtful work ethic have made Enjoy Life Office Cleaners a top choice for those seeking cleaning services.

Entrusting them with this responsibility allows you to rest assured that not only the workplaces are clean but also stress-free. Therefore, select the best option for your company and appreciate the advantages of a pristine and fresh workplace through Enjoy Life Services.


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